New Step by Step Map For constipation

neighborhood analgesic an analgesic is often a drug that relieves pain. Agony-relieving medication is often given to a woman for the duration of labor and delivery regionally through a needle inserted right into a muscle mass (intra-muscular) or underneath the skin (subcutaneous).

fatty tissue connective tissue that contains saved Extra fat. Also referred to as adipose tissue. Fatty tissue inside the breast shields the breast from injuries.

fetal Alcoholic beverages spectrum Problems (FASD) a phrase utilised to explain the full selection of damaging results which will come about any time a fetus is exposed to Alcoholic beverages.

Main ovarian insufficiency (POI) a reproductive health problems that happens when a woman's ovaries prevent working Commonly just before she's forty.

Lyme ailment a bacterial ailment attributable to a bacterium termed a spirochete that is certainly transmitted to humans with the Chunk of a deer tick. It might cause abnormalities within the pores and skin, joints, coronary heart and nervous system.

strain sore a region of destroyed skin caused by being in one situation for as well try this website extensive. Also referred to as mattress sores.

connective tissue a form of entire body tissue that supports other tissues and binds them collectively. Connective tissue offers support within the breast.

ectopic pregnancy a pregnancy that isn't from the uterus. It happens whenever a fertilized egg settles and grows in a spot besides the interior lining in the uterus. Most transpire in the fallopian tube, but can occur inside the ovary, cervix, or abdominal cavity.

flat nipple a nipple that can not be compressed outward, will not protrude or turn into erect when stimulated or cold.

migraine a medical condition that typically will involve a really painful headache, usually felt on one facet of The pinnacle.

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